Spouting Off: Now offering gutters and downspouts at SEOP


Did you know…

  • Early ancient citizens of what we now call Pakistan, used burnt-clay brick drains leading away from their lavatories. This is the earliest form of gutter on record, using water-flow to lead waste away; a very impressive sanitation system for 4000 years ago!
  • The aqueduct is a Mayan creation, which they used to garnish fresh mountain water to distribute throughout the empire.
  • Not only are the Romans credited for the first roads, but also for the first complex drainage systems, moving water away from the streets. (27 BC – 14 AD)
  • Stone lion heads along the edges of roofs frequently directed water to the ground in ancient history. For example, the Temple of Zeus became the “pride” of Greece, boasting of 102 marble lion-spouts.
  • The word “gargoyle” originates from the French gargouille, perhaps as a nod to the fire-spewing dragon of St. Romanus. The word is also connected to the French word gargariser, which means “to gargle.” In Italy, the gargoyles used to drain water were known as gronda sporgente, which literally means “protruding gutter.” [ http://gg-nc.com/rain-gutter-history/ ]  
  • 1751 – 1800: Built-in gutters began appearing on new buildings in the United States. They tended to be V-shaped, made of wood, and sometimes lined with metal. However, it’s unclear whether George Washington ever cleaned his own gutters. [ https://www.gutterhelmet.com/blog/the-history-of-gutters-a-timeline/ ]

Lion heads and gargoyles aside, roof drainage is still a great idea! So great, in fact, that Southeastern Outdoor Products has added 29 gauge metal gutters and downspouts to the website, currently offering three colors (white, black, and hunter green), with more options to come. Soon, you’ll be able to coordinate with your new metal roof color!

Did you know…

Just an inch of rain on a typical 2,000-square-foot home yields a whopping 1,200 gallons of rainwater. Just imagine what damage that much water can do if it is not properly diverted through gutters and downspouts. It makes for a wise decision to add these to any home or building. Did you know that proper roof drainage can:

  • Stabilize soil around the house
  • Avoid foundation problems
  • Prevent flooding in basements and excess moisture under houses
  • Prevent erosion and preserve landscaping and turf
  • Prevent water damage to siding
  • Prevent water staining on brick and stone masonry
  • Lessen the settling and cracking of sidewalks, patios and driveways
  • Preserve exterior doors and garage overhead doors
  • Help prevent the growth of black mold and other allergens caused by excessive trapped moisture

So, by popular demand, Southeastern gives you a preventive remedy. Investing in a drainage system can potentially save a homeowner a flood of expenses. From hiring a pest exterminator to rid the house of insects attracted by damp spaces to repairing the foundation, a little bit of rain over a long bit of time can really soak the check book! Instead, let us reroute those funds to benefit you, and your house!

Then, we can all happily spout off together.😊



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