Metal Trim of the Week: Fascia

Here at Southeastern we have over 40+ types of metal trim components to choose from. Every week for the next 40+ weeks we will have a "Metal Trim" of the week in order to go into more detail about all of the different types of trim we have. We will select one piece of trim and give you some information about where it is used, what it is used for and what it looks like. Plus some other interesting facts!

 This week's trim is: Fascia


The fascia is a long straight piece of metal that runs along the bottom edge of the roof. Last week's Metal Trim of the Week "Box Soffit" is tucked away underneath the fascia. The fascia usually runs horizontal and is situated vertically under the edge of the roof. 



In Latin, fascia means "band, bandage, ribbon, swathe". This term can also be used for other "band"-like surfaces like a flat trim around a door that is separate from the wall. The fascia piece may also be utilized to hold a rain gutter. 

The main role of the fascia is to be a layer in between the edge of the roof and the outside. It also makes the look of the building more pleasing to the eye by making a smooth and even appearance for the end of the roof. The fascia piece also protects the interior of the building from weather elements. 


We have fascia trim available in custom sizes and in 19 colors.


Need to order some fascia trim from us for pick up?

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